How Your Lawyer Can Help

Your car accident lawyer will assist you by preparing and filing your claim with the insurance company. Then, we will negotiate with the company about the settlement, especially if the insurance company offers a lower amount than you deserve. If you try to talk to the insurance company without an attorney, they will almost certainly offer you a smaller settlement than your claim is actually worth, hoping that you will not know the difference.

we have handled car accidents in Philadelphia for many years, we know what your claim should be worth, and we will know if the insurance company is trying to offer you a smaller amount. We never work for the insurance companies — we only work with individuals, because we believe that a car accident should not put you and your family in a difficult financial situation. That is also why we will only accept payment when you win your case and get you the full settlement you deserve.

If the insurance company refuses to settle for the amount you deserve, we will take them to court and pursue a legal remedy to hold them responsible for paying the claim. We fight hard for our clients to make sure they receive the compensation they deserve.

Don’t hesitate to call our offices as soon as you are able after your car accident. We will do whatever we can to keep you informed about the process, and we will ensure that you get the settlement you deserve after your car accident.

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