Workers Compensation

Accidents at the workplace can be serious, painful, and expensive. Whether you slipped and fell in the office or suffered an injury on a construction site, being hurt on the job can be an enormous financial burden on you and your family.

Every year, there are thousands of workplace accidents that leave workers seriously injured. The most serious accidents can result in permanent disabilities or even death, which is why it is so important to make sure you have experienced legal representation to assist you with your worker’s compensation claim. Our experienced Philadelphia workers compensation lawyers can help you through the process.

Pennsylvania’s Workers Compensation Act

Pennsylvania has a Workers Compensation Act  that provides workers with benefits if they suffer from injuries, illnesses, or diseases at their workplace. The Act will also allow for benefits for lost wages if you are unable to continue working as a result of your workplace accident. And if you are a dependent survivor of someone who died as a result of a workplace accident or illness, the Act will also provide you with death benefits.

The Act requires that nearly all employers (including nonprofit organizations, small businesses, and unincorporated businesses) provide their employees with access to workers compensation benefits, even if the employees are part time or seasonal workers. This means that nearly every Pennsylvanian employed in the state is covered by the Workers Compensation Act.

Types of Benefits

Medical benefits are the most common type of workers compensation benefits. These are intended to cover the medical expenses you have incurred treating the injury or illness you received at your place of work. These costs can include surgical costs, hospital stays, emergency room visits, medicine, physical therapy, and costs associated with a permanent disability such as adjustments to your home. There are also “specific loss benefits,” which provide compensation for certain injuries such as permanent disfigurement or the loss of a body part.

Wage loss benefits are another type of worker’s compensation benefit. These benefits serve to provide you and your family with an income if you are unable to work for a period of time after your accident, even if you can return to work after you recover.

Finally, death benefits are available for dependent spouses or children of an employee who dies as a result of a workplace injury, illness, or disease. These benefits can be used to support the dependent survivors as well as to provide for funeral and burial costs for the deceased.

Filing a Claim

Despite the Act’s wide coverage, it is not always easy to file a worker’s compensation claim in Pennsylvania. Unfortunately, the process can be confusing and challenging. Our Philadelphia workers compensation attorneys know how important it can be for you and your family to have access to those benefits if you have been hurt on the job, and we will work with you throughout the entire process to ensure that your claim is solid and successful.

Generally, you must provide notice to your employer within 21 days of the accident that you will be filing a claim. After 120 days, you may not be able to file a claim at all. Because of the relatively short time frame in which you can file a claim, your attorney will help make sure all of the documents you need, including medical bills, are in order so you can file your claim promptly. Additionally, filing a claim for an occupational disease, such as cancer from asbestos poisoning or asthma, can be difficult because it can be hard to prove that the disease was caused by your place of work. Our attorneys know how to handle these cases and how to prove that these diseases were not preexisting when you began your job, but that they developed as you worked there.

If your claim is denied, your lawyer will continue to work with you to ensure that you still receive the benefits you deserve. We will determine whether you have a claim against a third party or whether you can take your claim to court. Our goal is to ensure that you do not have to face financial difficulties after your workplace accident, so give us a call right away so we can begin assisting you with your Pennsylvania worker’s compensation claim.

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